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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are very important engine of growth in both developed and developing economies. It is even more crucial in developing economies such as Nigeria where large scale enterprises are relatively small in numbers. In SME startup KITS, we are here to crave an online brand presence for SMEs through our various SERVICES, creating a worthwhile and results oriented online presence. We have come to discover that it is not enough to have a Website, is your website making money for you? Is it attracting new customers and fulfilling its purpose? This and many more resulted in the birth of SME startup KITS. Your business needs a working system – an online system, which will increase your client base and open you up to more business deals. Once again, welcome to SME startup KITS. Browse through our various Services, Articles and loads of information that will help your business succeed.

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SME startup Package is a complete brand package for Small and Medium Enterprises. This package comprises of features that are needed for a good brand. It involves logo creation, letter headed, Complementary cards, Website, Social Media Presence and lots more. See the various packages below. A successful business has a good and top notch brand. Subscribe for a brand package today and see your business thriving to the next level.

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