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SME Start-up KITs - Giving your Business an effective online Presence.

At SME startup KITS, we are here to crave an online brand presence for SMEs through our various SERVICES, creating a worthwhile and results oriented online presence. We have come to discover that it is not enough to have a Website, is your website making money for you? Is it attracting new customers and fulfilling its purpose? This and many more resulted in the birth of SME startup KITS. Your business needs a working system – an online system, which will increase your client base and open you up to more business deals. Browse through our various Services, Articles and loads of information that will help your business succeed.

8 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

With the explosion of social media over the last few years, you might be hard pressed to find a marketing expert who doesn’t recommend social media as part of a holistic marketing strategy. But, is it really worth the time and effort to build a social media presence at this...

7 Deadly Sins Businesses Make With Their Reputation

Think just hatching a Twitter account will catapult your company to the top of everyone’s mind? Or your sporadic Facebook posts will bring your brand’s reputation to the next level? Try again. The web is littered with good companies that failed to take charge of their brand and wound up...

9 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask Your Future Web Developer

(By Mark Cenicola) “Most designers are not experts in your field of business. Having a list of competitor websites and doing your own research about those competitors and similar businesses can help you articulate ideas for the new website. It can be helpful to pick a designer who’s had experience...

7 Tips for More Facebook Page “Likes” & User Engagement

We’ve all been there—stuck at 200, 500 or 1,000 Facebook “Likes” for what seems like months. It begs the question: “How can my Business Page get more ‘Likes?’” I’ve been there—checking back daily to see if just one more person has given the Page a “Like.”Now, due to some creative...


You are welcome to the IT Corner of this edition of your favorite SME Digest! We discussed about Giving your Business an IT edge in the previous edition and now, you can go to our website,, and get the complete practical steps to setting up your business online. First...

Benefits of Using TECHNOLOGY in BUSINESS

Despite the wide-spread of computing devices and the internet, many businesses still shy away from using technological tools and web-based services in their operation. One reason for this is the false perception that modernizing business processes is costly and difficult to adapt to. The truth is that the efficient use...